Inside Labs exists to disrupt tourism

About Inside Labs

Unlike the traditional queue-based or 'cookie-cutter' tourism, our focus is on empowering both guests and destinations to have more intimate, sustainable and meaningful interactions using app-driven technologies.

We love nature. We live tech. We are both.

With key team members residing in Laax, Flims and wider in Zurich, europe and globally, our experience is wide in culture and deep in a number of technical, creative and strategic specialties.

Beginning in LAAX as an inhouse team, digital transformation was our gameplan from day one.

Genesis of Inside Labs

Working as a digital team within the LAAX resort (Weisse Arena Gruppe) our founders knew first-hand the pain points experienced for both destination and guests. And the opportunities they presented for change.

Projects undertaken spanned all business units: ticketing operations, gastronomy and mountain information service. Both externally for guests via the Inside LAAX app and internally with intranet apps and services. Efficiencies in areas such as lower operational cost, less time wastage and sales maximization were quickly realised.

Desire to create change for others

Even though our role was internal, our focus is always on maximizing the customer experience of guests with a live, responsive and feature-rich platform. With every major feature roll-out we were developing creative solutions for core problems that could be shared across the wider tourism sector.

With the blessing of Weisse Arena Gruppe, Inside Labs was formed as an independent development studio to continue developing systems not only for Laax, but also for other destinations.

Today. And into the future...

We are young, growing, and passionately continue to lead the tech-tourism revolution with our technology platform, our apps and our growing roster of client destinations.

Are you ready to join us?

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We walk the talk. Active. In nature. Shredding @ SnowparkLAAX
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Case Study
Recognition finds us (& our clients). We don't chase awards, but we are humble in our acceptance and appreciation.
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Awards & Recognition

  • 2020Milestone Award: Innovation   |  Bike Kingdom
  • 2019Swiss Marketing Trophy:   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2019Swiss Mountain Award by Seilbahnen Schweiz:   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2019German Design Award Nominee:   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2017Best of Swiss Apps Gold: Business   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 20172017 Best of Swiss Apps Gold: Design   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2017Best of Swiss Apps Silver: Functionality   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2017Mobile Business Best Practices by HSG   |  INSIDE LAAX
  • 2017Digital Transformation Award by BOSW   |  INSIDE LAAX

We work with

Some of our key moments


Early app releases for LAAX developed completely inhouse as Weisse Arena Gruppe.


Major release as newly branded "INSIDE LAAX" app featuring LIVE mountain data and mobile commerce (lift tickets, rentals).


Inside Labs AG formed with founders Kristian Paasila, Daniel Medina and Reto Gurtner.


INSIDE LAAX earns a number of tech, design and business awards, namely "Best in Swiss Apps - Gold: Design" and "Best in Swiss Apps - Silver: Marketing"


Matterhorn app released for Zermatt, combining live data, ticket purchase and rich, curated content for guests.


INSIDE LAAX Summer release brought a fun geo-checkin gamification to the app coupled with a rewards programme with merch redeemables.


Omni platform developed, centralizing common destination functionality into a core engine as a base technology to enable faster app rollout.


Bike Kingdom app released for Lenzerheide. Taking our thinking in gamification and engagement to the next level!