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With agility and state-of-the-art technology, the Omni Platform assists ski resorts in creating safe guest experiences even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out how LAAX, one of Europe's top ski resorts, is meeting these challenges with the help of an Omni app.

Contingenting of tickets

Lift tickets are limited to a daily set contingent. The operators of the lifts know at any time how many day and half-day tickets have been sold and therefore can comply with the regulatory requirements.

Crowd Control

Q-Alert Cams are webcams that are directed towards the waiting areas of the lifts. Skiers can identify queues and avoid them. At the same time, the destination can identify potential crowds at an early stage and intervene.
As a new feature, the occupancy of the restaurants is calculated using artificial intelligence and then displayed in the app.

New Gastro Concepts: From Self Service to Mobile Ordering

The self-service restaurants were completely converted to mobile food ordering for the winter season 20/21. Guests can choose between "eat on site" or "take away" and order and pay directly via app. The food is then brought directly to the correct table.

Food Delivery Service

Guests can conveniently order their food to their homes. Instead of fully closing restaurants, LAAX opened four new restaurant concepts this winter. The food is cooked in one single "Ghost Kitchen".Find out more

Table Reservation

Tables in restaurants can be booked easily via smartphone.

Guest Counter

This premium feature transparently displays the number of guests on the mountain. It gives an overview of the current situation for the guests, while it is also a tool to control the contingents and the guest volume for the operators of the ski resort.

Online Ticketing

Day and half-day tickets as well as parking tickets are purchased via smartphone. In LAAX, tickets are exclusively available online this season. Queues in front of ticket counters became a thing of the past.

Data-driven Communication

By using data-driven communication, guests are informed based on their context, such as location, time, live data, weather and personal attribution. So, visitors get distributed more effectively throughout the ski resort.

Omni is the tech-platform for the digitalization of ecosystems in tourism like destinations or ski resorts.