Omni. For your destination

Omni creates measurable benefits for your destination through engagement, maximising revenue opportunities via guest activation.

Our hybrid data-based, technology and strategic marketing approach delivers an inviting, relevant and personal digital experience. This directly translates into higher value purchases and lower cost of sales.

The advantages of Omni for your organization are limitless. Below however, are some keystone benefits of the platform. Contact our team to discover more.

Data Driven Marketing

A CRM with its marketing intelligence combined with data-streaming enables Moment marketing àla Airbnb and


Lift tickets, rentals, subscription models or product bundles. Take your E-Commerce to the next level with the Omni one-stop shop.

Guest segmentation & marketing automization

With GEO fencing, meteo data and over 400 additional user attributes, every guest is consistently provided with relevant content.

CRM & Data Collection Engine

Real-time user data is collected on every touch point along the customer journey and is integrated in the CRM.

Digital Concierge

Moment Marketing & Active Engagement

Taking segmentation to the next level, Omni enables destinations to create engagement with activated or previously activated guests with behavioural targeting.

With our digital client tools, campaigns can be created with incredibly fine tuned rulesets to personalize and ultimately re-engage, convert or upsell to guests.

More than a revenue generating tool, this omni component ensures guests are cared for not only in-resort- but in the lead-in and out periods of their visit with helpful, timely tips and important information.

Omni Commerce. The future of transactions

Sell more than just tickets. And sell in new, exciting ways.

The omni platform allows destinations to implement flexible mobile commerce offerings for guests.

From basic ticketing, to rentals, gastronomy and retail- the omni commerce layer combines with the Digital Wallet to enable experimental product offerings. Manage transactions, issue refunds, create discount tokens and simply manage your pricing on the fly.

Add in Smart Segmentation to produce highly creative, highly engaging and personally tailored options for guests to purchase via the app.

80% of all transactions will be fully digital in 5 years.

The Omni API can also form the foundation for an e-commerce deployment on the website of your destination or a third party booking platform.

Guest Segmentation

Demographics & GEO Fencing

Starting with GEO Fencing the Omni platform quickly delivers a base level of content to the user's dashboard based on their proximity to the destination.

Combining with demographic based segmentation rules, Omni delivers product offers, campaigns, alerts and data to your customers... when they need it and where the content's relevant.

Ski Resort

Once the guest is in the ski resort, everything revolves around the perfect day.

A push message informs about the opening of the glacier lift, an in-app message recalls to book a table at the favorite restaurant, and the personal feed shows the meters of altitude covered today.


With segment-specific content and location-based offers, guests no longer miss any highlight.

The personalized feed shows current events and nearby restaurants. Holiday home owners in the destination are provided with delivery and take-away offers of restaurants, while an in-app message reminds them to book a fast-lane upgrade and premium parking at the mountain lifts for the next day.

Driving distance

Incentives are created to attract guests back to the destination.

Guests with more than three ski days this season will receive an exclusive offer via email. A push message with the weather forecast for the weekend with a link to webcams gets triggered. An in-app message reminds to redeem the collected loyalty points until the end of the season.

Long Trip / International

“FOMO” (Fear of missing out) gets evoked and positive memories are revived.

The app content shows the latest developments of the destination. Statistics with their own performance of past ski days, let the experiences pass in review. A personalized e-mail and push message present the exclusive deals for the next stay.

"If your brand is going to build its marketing strategy around data, you need to be confident that the information you’re collecting is accurate, up to date, and capable of having a meaningful impact on your customer engagement efforts."

CRM and the Data Collection Engine

From Big Data to Smart Data

With Omni you act with your data right from launch. A sophisticated data model and real-time data streaming are available to visual applications such as CRM or Business Intelligence.

The OMNI Platform integrates a variety of tools that support meaningful data collection. Aligning this data with an out-of-the-box CRM and marketing automation tool is efficient, fast and simpler to deploy.

The actionable window of your destination's data has a limited timeframe. The greatest added value can be realized when the guest interacts with you. Your data is most valuable when the time elapsed between collecting and using is as short as possible.

Serving Omni enables moment marketing and accompanies the guests with relevant information and offers along their individual journey. With behavioural targeting, destinations create meaningful customer experiences and forge long-term relationships with their guests.

Analytics & Insights

LIVE Statistics, Trends & Forecasting

No matter how large or small your organization, the Omni Analytics & Insights module provides 'aha-moments' from day one to your team, helping them make smart, data-based decisions.

  • Infrastruture teams. Anaylse past trends to assist in maintenance and staffing requirements. Access real-time data (ie, queue loads) to load-balance bottle-necks and communicate updates to guests through the app.
  • Sales & Marketing. A/B testing micro campaigns and user engagement data to plan when and where to focus sales efforts on.
  • Management. Use historical data to assist medium to long term strategic planning for asset development and set realistic, fact-based projections to key stakeholders in your organization.

With support from the Inside Labs data experts, your team has complete control over how your data is presented. And who can access it.

No other platform can get so close to- and so precisely connect with the individual needs of your customers.

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Inside Labs & Omni.

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  • Goal setting, specifications and project management.
  • Mission control of your guests' experience, operations, marketing and concierge.
  • Integration- and creation of new data sources.
  • Feature-laden native iOS / Android app.
  • Support from Inside Labs community & support teams.
  • Data insights and strategic planning support.

This is merely a snapshot of the complete Inside Labs service offering. Get in touch to learn even more about partnering with us!

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