Digital Engagement Platforms that Connect Humans

We build world-class digital experiences which sustainably connect your customers to your brand. We help clients to think customer centric, use data-based decision making, and explore the opportunities of technology.

Three building blocks


DX Platform

In the future organizations and companies will need to engage their customers, partners, and employees ever more successfully. We build solutions such as apps, websites and landscapes. But we believe the future will be even more complex.



Our toolset to create meaningful digital engagement platforms is diverse. We are currently inspired by the positive effects of gamification. We believe in crafting loyalty digitally. We think that personal and targeted communication done responsibly is of great value.



Ultimately humans are the purpose we build technology. Therefore, the experiences of using technology are at the forefront of what we do. We want to ensure that technology should make us feel more human.

What we do

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Customer Journey Workshops
  • Full on development of new digital engagement platforms
  • Rapid concept development
  • Rapid prototype development and MVP Development
  • Managed customer journey creation
  • Digital Experience Design (UI & UXP)
  • Customer facing app branding and supporting design collateral


Client: Weisse Arena Gruppe / LAAX

LAAX, Switzerland, is a leading alpine resort with close to 1 Million visitors a year.

We have created a powerful application, that challenges the status quo of mobile commerce, serves users along personalized customer journeys and engages through the gamification of your days in the resort.

At the heart of creating INSIDE LAAX was the need to be able to own the customer relationships at this integrated provider of alpine experiences. Working across the borders of hospitality, ski resort operations, rentals, retails and destination management the threat of not being able to own the digital customer journey was looming.

Inside labs hand crafted INSIDE LAAX to become a data engine, which integrates digital loyalty, powers campaigns and facilitates mobile commerce.

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In 2 years INSIDE LAAX has reached over 100’000 users with half of these being active on a monthly basis the 17/18 winter season. Close to 30’000 users battle each other and their friends for ultimate bragging rights on the leaderboards while pocketing INSIDE Points which can be redeemed for products and services across the resort.

The app is a conduit to the mountain with an optimized funnel for the easiest direct to lift ticketing, the ability to reserve parking or even purchase an upgrade to skip any queues you might encounter. Additionally, your stay is greatly enhanced by being able to book a table on a caveated mountain terrace, order your takeaway or even pop into the coworking space for a few hours of catching up on work.

Reto Gurtner, CEO and President of the Board of the Weisse Arena Gruppe, says “INSIDE LAAX is the future we need to become truly customer centered. INSIDE LAAX is Platform for making the customer more valuable. It provides convenience, radical transparency and wow moments.”


INSIDE LAAX 2018 Promotional Video

Case Study: Outlet Metzingen

Client: Outlet Metzingen

The Outlet City Metzingen, welcoming over 4 million visitors per year, understood the importance of creating a digital platform to engage with their customers. We were challenged to create unconventional approaches for the Outlet City Metzingen to incorporate loyalty and gamification into the design phase of their application.

The inside labs team analyzed various customer journeys identifying pain points, organised a focus group to understand varying needs, and ideated several approaches to aid the shift from information to engagement. inside labs created a concept which provided engaging functionality pre-visit but transitioned seamlessly into the onsite experience. Simultaneously, variations in the design differentiated user groups to add a personal touch.

This concept-only project highlighted the capability to add value to existing projects to explore the integration of gamification and loyalty principles.

Case Study: Jargo

Client: Jargo

One of our passion projects, an app that helps people learn new languages. It was born out of our CTO’s experience with learning German. He realized, that when learning a new language, people would constantly run into the same issue when having conversations. They learn a new word or phrase during conversations but are unable to commit them to memory. Playing around with some new technologies, our CTO, Daniel Medina figured, that these technologies, if put together correctly, could help people accelerate their journey of language learning.

Using speech recognition, real time translation, and automated definition lookup, Jargo helps people picking up words and phrases one would learn through daily conversations. It easily turns a recording of the native speaking friend into a digital learning moment. Individually setting learning reminders based on the scientific Pimsleur’s graduated recall method brings the user to the heart of the language and teaches to speak like a local.

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