We are innovators, entrepreneurs and future thinkers

As a small team of passionate mountain dwellers, we're on a mission to redefine your experience in nature, or anywhere- through technology. We pride ourselves on demonstrating agility and speed in delivering customer centric services and products based on the inside technology platform.


inside labs, Crap Sogn Gion, June '18.


What do you stand for

Each member of the inside labs team is fascinated by the power of technology. By exploring new tech and digital driven business models we are always searching for new opportunities to sustainably solve people’s problems.

Our biggest ambition is to help companies and their employees in the transformation into the future of business.

We don’t see AirBnB, Uber, Netflix or Tesla as tech companies. These are just companies (in the hospitality, mobility, entertainment and automotive industry) who know how to use technology to scale their business and drive competitive advantage.

Our aim is to elevate companies to this very level by helping to explore new directions, build state-of-the-art tech solutions and educate people to have the mindset needed to successfully transfer into the future.


Kristian Paasila

CEO & Co-founder

Start ups . Business Planning . Strategy


Reto Gurtner

President of the Board & Co-founder

Entrepreneurship . Tourism . Innovation


Daniel Medina

CTO & Co-founder

Full Stack Development . Prototyping . Hacking


Michael Krähenbühl

Success Manager

Digital Strategy . Concept . CX Design


Julian Vaupel

Data Genius

Data Science . Client Hero . Requirements Engineering


Leo Baker-Hytch

Full Stack Ninja

Javascript . React . Node


Otto Parantainen

Backend Developer

Blockchain . Javascript . Node


Vaughan Thompson

Creative Director

Design . User Interfaces . Creative Direction


Stefanie Jakob

Engagement & Community Manager

Digital Marketing . Communication . User Engagement


Christian Glinz

Project Manager

Consulting . Content . Support

WE ARE . Fast & functional . Fascinated by technology . Humble but proud . In love with your users . Shaping the future . ZERO BULLS#IT